Financial Planning & Analysis and
Cash Flow Management

Financial planning facilitates the running of a business with our efficient Cash flow management in Delhi NCR. There are two types of financial planning.

A – CAPEX – In the case of Capex every organization plan for expanding its business or diversify or venture into new products or services.
For this, there shall be planning of capital expenditure month-wise quarter wise and maybe year-wise if planning for 3 or 5 years depending upon the gestation period.
The financing can be Internal resources (we are to incorporate the same in revenue budget), Own Capital, investment by another investor, Govt. subsidies, Loans from financial institutions and banks.


We will design forecasting of fund requirements on weekly basis and monthly basis before the start of the month. In the case of revenue financial planning, area-wise, region-wise, Zone wise and Export wise sales and realisation are to be forecasted as per the requirement of business and management. This process is to be initiated at least 3-4 months before the start of the year and the final budget is to be made at least 20-25 days before the start of the year. The same is to be approved by management 10-15 days ahead of the start of the year.

These sales data shall have to be forecasted after due deliberation and brainstorming between the marketing team and mandated by management. Expansion, diversification, market complexities and competitors are to be considered.
Accordingly, variable cost and fixed cost are to be speculated with all negotiated rates. Additionally, cost optimization is to be integrated. All assumptions are to be listed in the forecast.

The cash flow will be made which will provide anticipation of funds
requirement and accordingly advance planning can be made for arrangement of funds/resources and in case of surplus, the planning can be made for investments / reduce debts.

We will help you identify opportunities to improve your working capital which in turn can help improve your resilience and provide capital for future development and growth. We will help you improve decision making by enhancing your short and long-term funds forecasting.

A positive cash flow ensures that a business pays its bills on time while a business with a negative cash flow struggles to settle its bills on time. Negative cash flow also prompts the business to borrow money for covering the deficiency. It is imperative for any business to closely monitor its cash flow and the working capital requirement to run the business smoothly and efficiently.

Our MIS will support this area of operations.

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