Income Tax Appeal & Cases

A notice of Income tax case can make any person stand on his toes and creates unnecessary tensions in the mind of the assessee. If you have received Income tax notice, it is high time that you hire a professional Income tax appeal practitioner in India.

The Income Tax Department issues notices under different sections based on the facts and circumstances of each case. Some of these sections are

  • Section 142(1)- For asking further information
  • Section 139(9)- Defective return notices
  • Section 148- For escapement of Income
  • Section 156- Outstanding demand notice
  • Section 143(2)- Scrutiny assessment under section 143(3)
  • Section 131-

The above list in not the exhaustive list of sections through which the Income tax officer can issue a notice. There are other sections as well.

Some of these notices require scrutinised assessment on the part of the assesee while some may not . Some are limited assessment cases while some are fully assessed. It all depends on the facts and circumstances of the case.

Also, these cases are also time barred within the certain time frame and non-reply of these notices can lead to hefty penalties. It is advisable to hire a dedicated income tax appeal practitioner in India to avoid hefty fines.

In this growing era of digitisation, most of these cases are heard online only and these assessments are also called faceless assessments. These assessments mostly require detailed documentation related to the case. We usually suggests or clients to keep proper record of the data along with every documentation required and help them in the same.

We at Sarvam Professionals provide end to end services in reference to the Income tax cases which includes complete assessment, drafting, filing and representation in front of the Income Tax Officer/Department.

The aggrieved assessee can also file appeal to the higher authorities of Income tax (CIT, ITAT, etc) if he is of the opinion that the case has been assessed by the Assessing Officer in a haphazard manner/not providing the opportunity of being heard/misunderstanding of the facts of the case/not using the best judgement/etc.

Our Income tax appeal practitioner in India also help our clients for the filing and hearing of appeals with the higher authorities of Income Tax Department.

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